根据传说,圣. Ambrose's father predicted the future Bishop of Milan's eventual eloquence when a swarm of bees was discovered covering the sleeping infant's head. 的 bees, however, didn't sting the infant. 的y merely dropped a bit of honey on the future saint's tongue and then flew off. 的 honey was a foreshadowing of the sweet, soul-strengthening words that this orator-to-be would one day preach.

战斗的蜜蜂的 bee is a symbol of work, creative 活动, cooperation, obedience, orderliness, and diligence. 可以买滚球的正规平台的吉祥物, 斗蜂, inspires pride in its athletes and fans and is the only college mascot of its kind in the world. 的 Fighting Bee also symbolizes the drive and tenacity that the 大学运动队 比赛展示.


可以买滚球的正规平台的颜色是蓝色和白色. Blue is a color attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and blue and white are considered a symbol of purity. 的 "bee-blue" used by Ambrose falls in the color family somewhere between royal and navy.


On the first Friday of each month you don't want to be caught without your "bee-wear" at Ambrose. 的 校园活动委员会 spearheads the monthly 精神的一天 observance, with events ranging from blue egg dyeing at Easter to all-out blue-and-white decorating wars for the coveted "Most Spirited Office" honor during 同学会 Week. Get your bee-wear at the University Bookstore.


这些真正的学生是不能错过的, whether they at a sporting event or on campus for 精神的一天. 任何人都可以加入其中! And remember, the louder the Swarm "buzzes," the better!


Patron saints are intercessors and advocate in heaven for a nation, 的地方, 工艺, 活动, 类别或个人. For a 的地方 of higher education and lifelong learning, no saint is more befitting than Saint Ambrose, 学习的守护神. Elected as Bishop of Milan, Italy, in 373 A.D., he is often represented with a book and scroll in hand that are symbolic of his desire for truth and justice.


圣. Ambrose campus was established in a grove of oak trees, of which many still grow all over campus. 当 校友会 我想要一首赞美圣. 可以买滚球的正规平台, the music department chose the melody "Finlandia,由芬兰作曲家让·西贝柳斯创作. 的y held a campus contest to write lyrics, 1937年5月,威廉·凯瑞根, 达文波特的大四学生, 被宣布为获胜者. 了解更多关于母校的信息.

St. 帕特里克节

从第一尊圣. Ambrose to stand guard on the front lawn of the campus, an unofficial tradition developed of painting our patron saint green around St. 帕特里克节 to get everyone in the Irish spirit. 的se days students are saved the time and energy, because the 雕像。 is sheathed in cloth every year by Ambrose's Physical Plant to protect it. 至少布料是绿色的!


When freshmen arrive on campus the first day of classes, they are "clapped in" to the opening convocation by 教师 and 工作人员 who gather to wish the new students well on their journey at Ambrose. 兜了一圈, on graduation day 教师 and 工作人员 line up again to clap out the graduating class.


This event began as a celebration of the end of the academic year before going underground for several years as the celebration became larger and zanier. 近年来, 最后一次爆炸 has been revitalized as a university-sponsored event that now includes live bands, 嘉年华的游戏, 有一天和一次野炊.


While the name is a bit deceiving (the event actually takes 的地方 at 10 p.m. 期末考试周期间), hundreds of students line up outside the cafeteria for this stress relieving study break. While 教师 and 工作人员 prepare and serve a breakfast consisting of everything from pancakes and hash browns to omelets and sausage, students eat and enjoy one another's company as they take photos and sing karaoke. 是的,可以穿睡衣!


以…命名 狮子座Kilfoy, St. 可以买滚球的正规平台足球和篮球明星, 长期的教练和体育主管, and former 教师 member and director of intramural sports, this highly coveted award is bestowed every year on the male and female student who has achieved excellence in intramural activities on campus. Ambrose is known for a strong intramural program that includes such novel events, 还有更传统的比赛, 比如国旗橄榄球和排球.


This student-driven event, modeled on the regionally-popular Taste of Chicago, ushers in the 同学会 足球比赛. Student clubs and organizations work with Sodexo to sell a tailgate dish including these local favorites: dirt dessert, 行走的玉米饼和炒饭. 学生, 工作人员, 教师, and alumni all head to Brady Street for some great food and company under the tent!


同学会 是为了融入传统,对吧? 在去品味可以买滚球的正规平台之前, more than 400 Ambrosians and community members line up to run or walk this 5K race around the St. Ambrose campus or to cheer on their friends and family. Even the kids get their chance to win a medal as they sprint down Residence Row in the Bumble Rumble.


万圣节这里没有思乡之情! 学生 in the residence halls decorate their floors in a campus-wide competition and dress up to pass out candy as 教师 and 工作人员 members walk their children through the buildings. Which hall has proved most popular in the past? 的 Davis Hall basement with all its 工艺s and games!


质量 on Wednesday evenings in the fall and spring are celebrated outdoors in the Marian Grotto, one of the most serene and spiritual 的地方s on campus. While the Grotto has been relocated periodically as the campus has expanded, this is one tradition that is staying put!


你知道我们在说什么. While you can't plan to partake in this tradition, you can almost guarantee that you'll be an unwilling participant, 通常在凌晨两点.m. 在一年中最冷最湿的夜晚.